eBook: The Weight Loss Miracle*



One of the most effective approaches to weight loss and lifelong weight management
Years are wasted on diets or in the gym through lack of understanding of nutrition, ineffective exercising, and incorrect mental attitude.
The beauty of this book is that it’s for everyone; young and old, overweight or unfit, men and women. It’s a sensible approach as it recommends healthy eating plans that yield long term results. This isn’t just about achieving your ideal weight and keeping it, also it is about your total wellbeing, something money can’t buy.
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Product Description

A practical guide to weight loss with achievable goals that fits easily into your everyday routine.

Let yourself be taken step by step in a supportive, non-judgmental way by one of Ireland’s leading weight loss experts. You’ll learn what really works – This is an education, not only about weight loss, but also what you can do when you have the right attitude, combined with knowledge and support. The results will speak for themselves.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person